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Truffle Wine’s PINK MOSCATO prepares for the explosion of Female and Millennial branded wines

Truffle WinesSanta Maria, CA (February 27, 2014) Maverick Wine Group announces the national expansion of the newly released TRUFFLE PINK MOSCATO this month with innovative social marketing promotions and national chains expansion.

Truffle Pink Moscato is a refreshing California PINK MOSCATO with an effervescent flair produced by Maverick Wine Group, of Santa Maria, California. Production is expected to increase more than 350% this year with the alignment of new partnerships to help meet the consumers overwhelming demands and growth of the company’s three year old brand, new line extensions and export to Asia and Canada. Truffle Wines capitalize on the strongest and top emerging wine consumer trends in the US: The explosion of Female and Millennial branded wines combined with the insatiable growth for sweeter “Lifestyle Wines” that harvest an emotional fix with the consumer.

America’s Hottest NEW release, Truffle Pink Moscato appeals to the industry explosion and leading trends. Truffle Pink is a unique and influential wine that relates with top buyers and consumers in the United States: WOMEN & MILLENNIALS! National studies unanimously show female consumers continue to evolve and now dominate more than 80% of all wine purchases, while Millennials have become the 2nd largest wine buying population and fastest growing demographic.

The U.S. Moscato category continues to grow rapidly three consecutive years in a row by more than 40% average; while California is reporting a “tsunami of moscato”, the largest crop ever in 2013. The sub-category, Pink Moscato, is projected to dominate the category growth by 600% in 2014 according to industry experts. Currently Italian Moscato, AKA “Prosecco”, report more wine consumption in the U.S. than Italy.

“Moscato is now driving the sales with Millennials” says Maverick Wine Group’s CEO, Rachel Adams. “Truffle Pink is not just another Moscato, it is a “lifestyle brand” that new wine enthusiast, females and millennials, all connect with while enjoying the creation of tomorrow’s TOP brands”. Truffle Wine’s newest addition with top growth wine categories and focus among female and millennials are unprecedented when it comes to new entrepreneurial brands on the rise with targeted taste appeal and instant branding connectability with the target consumer. Truffle Wines belief that when you combine the two largest wine buying segments of our population and the sinful temptation of “sweeter lifestyle wines” you have an electrifying product ready to explode into the mouths of the consumers and the next generation’s rising wine star brand.

Truffle Pink Moscato has already achieved exceptional growth in very few months according to November, 2013 Nielsen Data by chain leaders in the Pink Moscato sub-category, as a TOP 15 national brand by sales and #9 in the Mid-West and Southern U.S. Regions. Truffle Wines are distributed across the United States in over 30 states while seeking expansion with on- premise and national retail chains. Truffle Pink retails under $10.00 and can be found regionally at national retailers such as: Wal-Mart, Cost Plus World Market and Total Wine. New distribution coming this spring with Harris Teeter, Kroger and Winn Dixie.

For additional information, samples or media about this new wine release, please contact Scott Slucher via or (707)536-0076.

For Immediate Release

Truffle Wines responds to explosive growth in Moscato category

Boosts production of Truffle Pink Moscato by 55%

Truffle Pink MoscatoSANTA MARIA, California – February 14, 2014 – Maverick Wine Group is taking advantage of Valentine’s Day to announce a 55% increase in production of Truffle Pink Moscato.  America is falling in love with Moscato, as well as its Italian counterpart Prosecco, and Truffle Wines is ready to meet an increased demand.

For the third consecutive year, the U.S. Moscato category has grown by greater than 40% on average, while California is reporting 2013 as the biggest harvest ever.  The sub-category, Pink Moscato, is projected to dominate category growth by 600% in 2014, according to industry surveys.

The growth in popularity of Moscato is coming from counter-intuitive sources.  “Moscato and Prosecco are driving the sales with millennials,” says Rachel Adams, CEO of Maverick Wine Group.  “And Truffle Pink is not just another Moscato.  It’s a lifestyle selection that new wine enthusiasts, females and millennials all connect with emotionally.”

Maverick Wine Group has already scored a huge success with Truffle Red, top-10 nationally, in the Sweet Red category.  “At Truffle Wines, we believe that when you combine the two largest wine buying segments – females and millennials – with the sinful temptation of sweeter lifestyle wines, you have an electrifying product, ready to become the next rising star wine brand,” Adams said.

Truffle Pink Moscato is a refreshing Central Coast Pink Moscato with effervescent flair.  Truffle Wines are lifestyle brands that cater to the latest trends in the wine industry, with an emphasis on the female and millennial wine consumer.  Truffle Wines are distributed across the United States in over 30 states.  Truffle Pink Moscato retails for under $10.00 and can be found regionally at retailers such as: Wal-Mart, Cost Plus, World Market and Total Wine.  New distribution is coming this Spring at: Harris Teeter, Kroger and Winn Dixie.

For additional information or samples, please contact or Scott Slucher at (707) 536-0076.

Truffle Red is the #8 Sweet Red Wine in the U.S.!

Truffle Red Wine

Truffle Red continues to amaze everyone here at Maverick Wine Group with its popularity among female wine drinkers.

As we close out the summer and gear up for the holiday season, I’m proud to announce that Truffle Red is the #8 best-selling Sweet Red wine in the U.S.!  When I launched Truffle Wines, I saw that women were being underserved by the wine industry, especially female millennials, who were looking for something other than the same-old-same-old, and I wanted to create new wine blends that catered to this emerging group of wine drinkers.

Thank you for proving me right, and know that I am working on new blends for 2014 that will build on our portfolio of Truffle Red, Truffle Pink Moscato, and Truffle Chiffon Chardonnay.

As Sweet Reds continue to explode in popularity, we will soon unveil a new brand that I know you’ll love just as much as Truffle Red.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll click over to our Rockwell Wines page and look at our Christmas-themed wines that make perfect gifts for the wine drinker(s) in your life.

Thanks again for making Truffle Red a huge success!