Truffle Wines

Truffle Wines

Truffle Wines, the flagship brand of Maverick Wine Group, was launched in 2011, representing Maverick’s commitment to the most powerful emerging demographics in the wine industry – females and millennials.

Maverick believes the future of the wine industry rests with these two groups who are vastly underserved by the wine industry as a whole.  It is to this end that Maverick will continue to innovate new brands and blends that deliver on the tastes and trends of all wine consumers.




Truffle Red

Truffle Red

Truffle Red: the #8 best-selling Sweet Red in the U.S.


Truffle Red is an artistically balanced red blend intertwined with the sweet decadence of dark cocoa and the silky tannins of a fine Merlot.










Chiffon Chardonnay

Chiffon ChardonnayTASTING NOTES

Chiffon Chardonnay delights the senses with the sweet, silky texture and elegance of lemon chiffon fruit and butter cream frosting.  The barrel fermentation depicts a creamy smoothness on the mid-palate, while the finish is intense with lemon citrus.









Pink Moscato


Pink Moscato is deliciously refreshing with its floral aroma and sweetened smoothness of cream brulee.  This frizzante styled wine acquires its pink hue from the Orange Muscat grape.  Finishes soft and sleek, and is ideal for any bubbly celebration.