What is a Maverick?

The Maverick Legacy

Maverick Wine Group

Samuel A. Maverick was a nineteenth century Texas cattleman who had his own beliefs about ranching.  His ideas flew in the face of conventional wisdom.  Friends and rivals alike laughed at his decision not to brand his stock and let them roam free, but he stuck to his guns and slowly won the respect of the men whose names are all but forgotten now.

That’s what a maverick is – someone with a stubborn independent streak.  Someone who will stick his – or her – neck out for a strongly held belief.  Someone who sees a better way.

America was founded by mavericks – men and women who refused to accept the status quo.  And as our country grew and we needed advances in agriculture and technology, it was the maverick inventors and entrepreneurs who stepped in and stepped up, giving us tools to make life a little easier.  A little better.

At Maverick Wine Group, we are proud to be mavericks and refuse to meekly follow the status quo in the wine industry.  We believe there is always room to do a little better; to find a new way; to do something that’s never been done.  And we will never shrink away from the maverick label.

Our Maverick Style

For decades, wine was marketed the same way to the same crowd.  In short, it was boring.  And worse, it catered to a tiny sliver of the population, excluding all but a select group of connoisseurs who were in-the-know.

At Maverick Wine Group, we are shattering those old barriers, making wine fun and accessible to all wine lovers.  Just as fashion and food follow trends, so should the wine industry, and we pride ourselves on keeping a close eye on the subtle cultural shifts that point to the next hot trend.

Is this traditional?  No.

Do we make apologies?  Not on your life.

This is the Maverick Way, and we love every minute of it.